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Our Story

More than Great Food

Ten years ago in Prince Edward Island, Canada, a taste sensation was born.

What began with one small restaurant and one big idea turned into a craze that swept the nation—and the world.

Rudy's special blend of spices, krispy, juicy mouth-watering fried chicken!

Make fresh to order

Simply delicious

Work like a captain, play like a pirate!



Rudy's Take Out Since 2000


Hours & Locations

Downtown Shop:

Charlottetown Shop
Dine in & Take out Service

Seasonal Shop:

Border-Carleton Shop
Take out Service


Media Update

Keep update our news and discount offers for Rudy's Chicken

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Online order

We accept online orders and pick them up at restaurants. 

You can pick up ASAP (20-30mins) or schedule pickup at the shop.

We accept Credit Card payments.

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